Document Writer

Can I save as a Microsoft Word doc or docx file?

Yes! After you upgrade to pro, you can open, save, and edit word doc and docx files.

If my file has images, can I save as a doc or docx?

At this time, documents with an image are only saved as rich text document with attachment (RTFD) format. PCs and Macs can open these files.

How does OCR image to text work?

Open a document and make sure the cursor is where you want the text to be added. Click the OCR camera button and choose an image, that’s it! Magically the text in the image is added to your document. OCR requires an upgrade to pro.

How do I turn on dark mode?

Dark mode On/Off is based on your system settings. Open the System Preferences app on your Mac, click General, click Dark Appearance and the app will turn into Dark Mode. Dark Mode requires an upgrade to pro.

I upgraded to pro in the past, do I need to again?

We’re very happy to say 1.0 was supported for 4 years with free updates. With 2.0, yes, you’ll have to upgrade to pro to get all the features. We understand this may upset you, please know we are working hard and continuing to make the app better and better.