Disk Care

When I schedule a cleaning, does Disk Care auto-delete files?

No! NEVER! When you schedule a disk cleaning, you’ll receive a notification and when you click on it, it will open Disk Care. The app will never auto-delete files.

What’s the difference between Disk Care and Disk Care +?

Disk Care will clean some of your files, but analyzing large files and messages attachments, removing cache and developer files are for Disk Care +. The good news is, if you have Disk Care, you can upgrade to pro.

I deleted a file accidentally!

We’re so sorry. Deleting files is permanent. This is why before you delete, we show an extra agreement that you are sure you want to delete your files. Please make sure to always have a backup!

How do I turn on dark mode?

Dark mode On/Off is based on your system settings. Open the System Preferences app on your Mac, click General, click Dark Appearance and the app will turn into Dark Mode.

Do I need to upgrade to pro? I have purchased Disk Care in the past.

We’re very happy to say 1.0 was supported for 4 years with free updates. With a massive jump to 3.0, yes, you’ll have to upgrade to pro to get all the features. We understand this may upset you, please know we are working hard and continuing to make the app better and better.